Wining BAMA19 artist of the year has really shame enemies_ Mega Bush

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    Buzzing Ghanaian Bono East base musician, Mega Bush has disclosed in an interview that winning BAMA artist ofo the year is going to really change his life and career.
    Mega Bush revealed in a recent interview about how he struggled to make it happened when he was dinged last year
    According to him, he was mocked by a host of people who told him that he was not doing good songs.
    Mega Bush indicated that this got him frustrated and he consequently tried everything within his power to ‘blow’ at all cost.
    He said popular musicians in Ghana upon realizing how he (Mega Bush) was desperate to catch up sent him a message that inspired him to work harder and focus on his craft and that particular message, changed his life forever.And made him to win BAMA artist of the year, Best collaboration song of the year and artist fanbase of the year.
    “Thanks to BAMA for shaming my enemies who say we no blow? but Esibee with 360 fans we dey”