The use of English in Local Flights Causes Accident – Yaw Dabo To Local Airlines 

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Talented diminutive actor Yaw Dabo after he landed in Kumasi on one of the local flights in Ghana recently had some very passionate words for operators of local flights with regards to their seeming likeness for the use of foreign languages as a medium of communication before and after flights jet off and land respectively.

According to Dabo, it is very wrong that a country which has a lot of very great dialects, will always decide to use the language of other foreign countries at the slightest chance people in the country get.

He cited an example with some international flights stating that a country like France will see the air hostess speaking the French language first before the person translates whatever she said into the English Language. This he believes should be adopted in Ghana too.

He argued that the use of only English in these flights may probably cause an accident someday because somebody in the airplane might not understand the instruction they give and as such, he or she may not be able to do so as instructed by the air hostess and in the end, his or her life may be put in danger.