Saving Just GHc30 a Day Will Empower You to Own The Brand-New Datsun Go


 Owning a new car is no longer a costly indulgence reserved only for those with deep pockets. By foregoing small daily treats or saving the money you would normally use for public transport, you could be the proud owner of a brand-new Datsun GO for as little as GHC30 a day.

The Datsun GO was launched late last year and the Mid Spec model costs a total of GHC51651.This means over a period of six years with zero-percent deposit, GHC30 a day would pay off this zippy car as well as cover the costs of interest.

There are a number of ways you could scrounge together GHC30 every day. Start looking at your daily spending habits and think of creative ways you could cut back a little. For example, skipping your morning latte and croissant from the local coffee shop is a good place to start.

Preparing lunches at home is another great way to save monies – not to mention healthier than the toasted bread and cool drink from the office canteen.

And when was the last time you looked over your subscription services and cleared out the ones you are not using anymore? Do you really need three video-on-demand services?

Commuting back and forth to work each day on public transport or private taxies can easily exceed GHC30, especially if you live far from the office. And people often subject themselves to this way of getting around because owning a car seems unattainable.

Not only can it be easy to pull together GHC30 a day, owning a Datsun GO will get you places faster than public transport. In addition, the impressive fuel efficiency of the 1.2-litre engine, which has a combined consumption of 5.2 litres per 100km will save you money on fuel costs.

The Datsun GO and GO+ models come with a standard 3-year/100,000km warranty and an optional service plan. Consumers will also receive one-year insurance with the purchase of a GO or GO+, so for the first year, your new car will truly only cost you GHC30 a day.

The beauty about the Datsun GO is that when driving it you won’t feel like you are driving a car that only costs you GHC30 a day. The new models have an upmarket style that will stand out in the crowd and smart features that are usually found in more expensive vehicles.

The GO and GO+ now have redesigned front grille and bumpers (front and rear) and 14” wheels. The New GO and GO+ models are powered by the energetic petrol engine that produces 50kW at 5,000rpm and 104Nm at 4,000rpm paired with a smooth 5-speed manual transmission.

The Datsun GO also comes with a long list of safety features which will ensure that you are not skimping on what is really important. Standard specification includes reverse parking sensors, intermittent wipers, central locking, an immobiliser, ABS, driver and passenger airbags, and retractable seatbelts.

So, have you figured out where that GHC30 is coming from yet?


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