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Patapaa Is A Liar, He’s Chopped Queen Peezy Severally – Friend Opens Fire

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The controversies that surround Patapaa’s intimate relationship with Queen Peezy gets interesting each passing day. After his total denial of any form of relationship with the up and coming musician, Gabriella Kotey on the ‘Uncut’ show yesterday, April 5, a media personality who has some details of their relationship has come out to state the “One Corner” hitmaker is a total liar.

Actress and TV personality, AJ Poundz, the ‘mother’ of Patapaa’s supposed Ghanaian boo, Queen Peezy, has revealed on the ‘Uncut’ show that there was an actual intimate relationship between Patapaa and the young lady.

AJ revealed in the interview that she came into contact with Gabriella some two years ago through her ushering agency and ever since the day she (Gabriella) started working under her, they have had a very close relationship which has led to the young lady telling her a lot of her se

The ‘Pae Mu Ka’ show host added that Queen Peezy told her that she visited Patapaa on various occasions at Swedru, where they banged a lot of times and as such, Patapaa is being very untruthful with his claims that he has never banged her.

She also asked Patapaa the question of why he will tell the young lady he was going on an Europe Tour and call her a number of times when he away if he claims they have no intimate relationship.

AJ Pounds advised Patapaa to stop going around throwing tantrums and denying the young lady he has an affair with. She also hilariously added that Patapaa should do the needful thing as soon as possible by giving Queen Peezy an actual ring because they are together.

Watch the video of AJ Pounds opening fire on Patapaa below:

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