Kwadwo Friktion Oy3 Okay De3 was judged Non KIM song of the year 2019

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Kwadwo Friktion wins another big award.

Just about a week ago Kwadwoa Friktion bags several awards at  Ghana Prom Hit     Awards  this week at Kintampo Music Awards Night(KIM) he has won The Non KIM song of the year with Oy3 okay De3 ft massinda. A track that propelled him to flat-out rap stardom. This was a fearsome competition.

While it feels inevitable now, Friktion’s success might not have been imaginable for the rapper himself just last year. Speaking with back in April, the rapper recalled the moment his dream of being a rap star started coming to fruition.

“Everything’s starting to connect—my love for music and my brain for the internet,” Friktion at the time. “Just like how my dad does music and everything was clicking. I’m not too superstitious. It was just a definite type of thing. It was like, this is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen soon. Somehow, someway, it did.”

Congrats to Kwadwo Friktion