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How To Plan and Prepare for Exhibition

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Though we all know how to prepare and plan for school exhibition but this article is going to look at more factors to be considered when planning an exhibition. In addition to:

I. Type of items and their preparation, and

I I. Space to be used and the organisation of the exhibitions; one should also think of the following:

I. Mounting the items

I I. Advertising the exhibition

III. Arrangements for showing people round the exhibition, and

IV. Checking the interest of people for a possible follow-up.

Again, let us look at these factors one after the other.

I.Mounting the Exhibition

Once you get your items for the exhibition, assembly them and prepare the space where you are going to mount them.Some exhibits will have to be hung, Some to be placed alongside other items, and others to be arranged horizontally or vertically. The exhibits should be mounted in such a way as to attract visitors. The labelling should be very clear. Care should be taken not to let one item over the other.

II. Advertising the Exhibition

An exhibition is meant to be seen by people i.e. members of the general public or an interest group. A school, an institution, a company or an individual can mount an exhibition.

People can know of an exhibition only when it is well advertised.

Advertising or drawing people’s attention to an exhibition should start in good time. Once a decision is made to mount an exhibition and preparetions start, advertising should begin. In a village situation advertising can be in the form of the beating of the gong-gong, writing on black-board raised at vantage places of the village and the writing of posters in attractive colours. On a wider range one can advertise on the radio,blog like hypegh.net and television as we as in the newspapers.

In every situation, the exhibitors highlight the nature of the exhibition, the items, place and duration of the exhibition.

III.Arrangements for showing people round the exhibition, interest of visitors.

Once an exhibition is mounted, it is meant to attract visitors, and most of visitors will be given plenty of information on the exhibits, how they are made and their uses.

Thus,in a school situation, pupils who have good knowledge of exhibits-fluent in English, quick to reason and polite are selected to among them try to attract and convenience the visitors.

At such exhibitions, arrangements are made to interview those who visit the stands and record their impression about what they see.exhibitors to know how successful the exhibition has been and where improvement may be needed in future.

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