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Broggers pressure is making Celebrities Owning Boutiques_Kwaku Manu

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A lot of the top Ghanaian entertainers will easily tell you bloggers in the country are their biggest headaches, especially when stories which go viral about them in the media space are negative while others will also suggest that these same bloggers are lifesavers when they put up stories which put the shine on them in a positive manner.

The negative bit of the discussion is what multi-talented Ghanaian actor Kwaku Manu, aka Bob Siga reechoed recently during the premiere of the great feature film “The Two Pilots” which was directed by the award-winning director and producer, Jones Agyeman.

Kwaku Manu hilariously revealed that the quest of some of his brothers and sisters in the entertainment industry to always look all dapper and stylish for the red carpet session of events because of the cameras of bloggers has caused many of them to run into serious debts.

According to him, because some of his colleagues do not want to be embarrassed and disgraced on the red carpets of events, they will either go and take expensive clothes on credit or go to people who have those clothes and loan them just for the glam and the cameras of bloggers.

He ended by asking bloggers to desist from these things because it does not help some of them who are ‘poor’.

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