BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe rendered with 8 Series face


We’ve known about the existence of the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe for awhile now. Oddly enough, it’s not going to be based on the same rear-drive chassis as either the current or next-gen 2 Series Coupe. Instead, it’s going to be based on BMW’s newest upcoming front-wheel drive architecture and compete with cars like the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and Audi A3. But what is it going to look like?
In this new render from Motor1, the 2 Series Gran Coupe gets a very baby-8-Series-Gran-Coupe looking. It definitely has the face of an 8 Series, with its widened Kidney Grilles and angular headlights. It also gets similar body lines and styling to more modern BMWs, like the X5, 8 Series and 3 Series. Though, its proportions are just stubby enough to suggest its front-wheel drive nature. It’s just a render but it seems to be designed to look front-drive, as it will be.
It does look good, though, at least to these eyes. While it’s obviously not as pretty as something like the 8 Series Gran Coupe, it’s a fun looking little car. Obviously, it’s likely not going to look like this when it hits production. This is just a render. But it does make a good case for trickling the 8 Series’ design language down to lesser BMWs, as it makes for good looking cars.


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